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Mowag CRV

MOWAG CRV with 20mm HMG or 40mm Grenade Launcher

The Kongsberg Remote Weapons System (RWS) from Norway is designed for small calibre weapons. Detached line of sight prevents ballistic correction from affecting operator’s line to target. Allows a Field of View up to 45 degrees while observing, and more than 30 times optical magnified close-up view of the target area when firing. Only RWS solution that enables accurate operation of 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. Troops operate the PROTECTOR RWS from within the safety of the vehicle’s hull. The Irish Cavalry CRV uses either Browning M2, 12, 7mm HMG, or H&K 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher .


Browning HMG

H&K 40mm Grenade

Protector Firing Station

MOWAG MRV with 30mm Cannon

The MRV variant has a Oto Melara two-man, power operated turret armed with a 30mm automatic cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.  The turret is built with ballistic aluminium alloy and additional steel armour plates to reach the required protection level. The new HITFIST® fire control system  allows engagement of targets by day and night; the electrical, fully digital servo systems and the line of fire stabilisation ensure a high accuracy of fire. Fire crew consists of two men who sit side by side in the turret: the commander on the left, the gunner on the right.  A single man can fully operate the turret. The main armament is an automatic cannon 30mm, electrically controlled for elevation, traversing and firing operations; feeding is through belted rounds housed in two ammunition containers. Assembly and disassembly of the weapon does not require special tools, thus making control and servicing operations possible in unfavourable conditions. Cannon control is through the HITFIST® fire control system which includes a sight with eye-safe laser range finder and a thermal night vision camera. A 7.62mm machine gun is coaxially mounted to the main cannon.

Mowag MRV 2